About The Basara Company

Founded in 2009 and led by Jennifer Basara, The Basara Company focuses on charity event planning, creative concepts for philanthropic and endowment efforts as well as corporate donor outreach for organizations in and around the Charlotte metro area.

Fueled by Jennifer’s passion for volunteering and the depth of her experience in corporate sales, The Basara Company was founded with one idea in mind: Bring together the community for enjoyment, laughter and fun to support a common charitable cause.

Jennifer has over 15 years of experience volunteering for charities and has worked in corporate sales for 20 years, both solid entrepreneurial building blocks for the company she leads and the charities she supports. Her desire to make a tangible difference in the world through her efforts to raise money for charities is manifested through the tournaments and events she organizes and her innate ability to rally corporate donor support which have a glowing track record of success and positive reviews.

The goal of The Basara Company is to produce and implement unique ideas and concepts for charities, using creativity and ingenuity to make events memorable and leave participants eagerly anticipating the company’s next endeavor. Jennifer specializes in community building for charitable causes and paving the way for networking and relationship building, advantageous byproducts of her events that are often not reported but can be seen and felt as her events unfold. Her goal is to foster philanthropy and build compassion for charities that otherwise lack the financial resources to pursue the goals and mission they seek.

Contact Jennifer at to discuss your needs and see if The Basara Company is the right fit to plan and carry out your next charity event.